Monday, 21 October 2013


I wasn’t really looking forward to going to SeaWorld.  I hated the one in Orlando.  It was old, run down and felt like I had gone back in time to the 1980s.  Even their magnet and souvenirs reeked of the 80s.  It was included in our City Pass and we knew the girls would love it so we headed there.
Waiting for the park to open
Finley and Penelope weren’t big enough to ride this ride so we had to ride it alone which meant front of the coaster!!  It wasn’t busy because of the clouds so it was nice
Super lame water ride.  Finley went on twice because she likes getting wet but it was SUPER LAME compared to Grizzly Rapids in Disneyland.
I thought this was kinda cool seeing as how we are from SK
Napping Polar Bears
Sea World has a Madagascar show that it puts on a few times a week.  I was looking forward to it but to be honest, it was pretty lame.  Finley loved, Penelope was indifferent to it
Turns out that San Diego Sea World is a thousand times better then the one in Orlando. The weather cleared in the afternoon making it a gorgeous afternoon while we attended the dolphin and killer whale shows!

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