Thursday, 26 August 2010


Finley’s attitude towards Penelope is definitely a love hate relationship. She is obsessed when she sees that Penelope hat is missing. She will find and insist on putting it back on her (to the best of her abilities and if she can’t do it, then we have to). If Penelope’s bottle spills or she has spit up on her, Finley insists that it be cleaned up immediately. If Finley sees that Penelope is missing her blanket, Finley will go get it for her. If you are holding Finley or she is in her bassinet or chair, Finley will pat her head – just like she does her cats and dog. She will sit beside you when you are holding her and watch her. And if Penelope is crying, Finley will come running from wherever she is, no matter what she is doing, to see what is the matter. So from that aspect it’s pretty good. 

However, every once in awhile, she tells Penelope to go away. She also will hit her bassinet (never Penelope, no worries). The worst part of her relationship with Penelope is perhaps how Finley has changed personality and attitude wise. She has gotten a lot more needy then she was before Penelope came along. She likes to sit in our laps and drink her milk and the other night she made Greg feed her. She whines a lot more then she used to and instead of using her words like she can & has, she just makes whiny noises which is not pleasant. I am hoping that this is just a phase and we get through it but it certainly is frustrating to see this regression in Finley. When I mentioned this to my doctor on Monday, she said that this is perfectly normal and should pass in time.

Greg and I both spend one on one time with Finley which I think will help a lot. I will keep you updated on the saga that is Finley & Penelope….now here are a few photos of them in the past week!

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