Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The girls love sledding.  Greg takes them all the time.  I have only been once, maybe twice.  And both time as a spectator.  I don’t particularly like standing around in the cold and I have for the last 14 years refused to partake in sledding activities.  For those who don’t know, on January 1st, 2002 or was it already January 2nd?? We were in the middle of nowhere at a cabin in SK and we decided to go tubing down a very unsafe ice filled with bumps and hills.  Was alcohol involved? Yes by everybody but me.  And that is why I ended up breaking my leg.  It sucked.  It was a clean break so no surgery required but I had a cast on from that night until mid March.  And it was in my final year of University.  It sucked.  And ever since then I have hated sledding.  I even got anxiety watching the girls go down the hill – especially by themselves.  It got so bad last year that I refused to go watch at all. 
I didn’t particularly want to go on this beautiful Sunday but Penelope really wanted me to.  So I gave in.
Hauling the sleds from the car to the hill.  We are lucky enough to have a great hilly area right in our community so we don’t have to go far.  It’s a soccer field that is down low and so it is surrounded by a hill.  There is a smaller hill near the playground and the bigger hill on the other side.  
Getting ready to head down for the first run of the day.  Surprisingly enough it wasn’t very busy considering how nice it was.  We figure Christmas shopping was getting in the way of enjoying the weather.
Down they go
Greg and Penelope on their way down.  The green one is super fast and the red one turns a lot.  
Double wide!
Oops.  She let the sled slide back down.  Instead of climbing the few feet up and going back down on the green sled, they both slid on their bellies back to the red sled and brought it back up.  I don’t understand their logic.
And then Penelope said I should go down and so I did.  I didn’t want them to know I was terrified of this and for the reason because it might scare them of doing it or make them scared of trying new things.  I was terrified.
But it was fun and I ended up going down several times by myself and with the girls.  And happy to report no broke bones!!
I had hoped that this would allow me to take the girls sledding in the afternoons but so far I haven’t been able to.  Maybe I just need more practice haha.

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