Thursday, 22 January 2015

Snowshoeing Lake Louise

On the morning of NYE it was so balmy in Calgary that we called up Brad to see if he wanted to go snow shoeing in Banff and off we went.
It was much colder in Lake Louise then in Calgary. That wind was fierce. Thankfully the view was nothing short of spectacular. Not that you would expect anything less in the Rockies. 
Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of snow on the lake so Greg took the snowshoes back to the vehicle and we walked to the end of the lake.  
Penelope looking happy which is rare because unless she is sledding down a hill, she hates snow, ski pants, winter boots and the cold. 
Finley making a snow angel in the little snow that was there. She is the opposite of Penelope in terms of the winter. 
Finley ran far ahead most of the way. Eventually she slowed down and we caught up to her. 
She was tired out and hopped on the sled so daddy could pull her and Penelope the rest of the way. 
I think this was the absolute best thing about the whole hike across the lake. A frozen waterfall amongst the frosted pines? Mother Natures blows me away with all that she does. 
Finley insisted that daddy also do a snow angel once we encountered some deeper snow. 
Penelope did an upside down snow angel which she thought was hilarious. 
Me! A rare photo of me. Those awesome prada sunglasses were a Christmas gift from my sister and I love them!! 
The waterfall at the end of the lake all frozen in a circle. The water was quite warm hence the reason it wasn’t frozen over. 
Finley outside the ice castle on the skating rink. 
I think the iPhone needs a warm up screen because this was clearly not accurate. 
A rare family photo of us in the mountains. Penelope wanted no part in this. 
And the beautiful sunset as we drove home to close out the year 

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