Friday, 28 March 2014

Snowshoeing Lake Minnewanka

A few weeks ago we headed out to Banff with Uncle Brad to do some snowshoeing on Lake Minnewanka. As you can see it was a pretty foggy day.   You could barely see the mountains 
Poor Girls. Greg brought the wrong ski pants so they were pretty short on the girls. Finley has snowshoes but she absolutely refused to wear them. 
So she and Penelope shared the sled and decided to fight almost the whole time 
Thankfully the fog lifted and we were able to see the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. 
I love how the ice cracks up and then bunches like that. So pretty 
Waiting for me to catch up. I tend to fall behind because I am taking photos but I get to enjoy it without listening to kids complain
I was joking that Greg was trying to kill me by making me snowshoe on a lake with a crack in the ice haha
They did enjoy it for a little bit but only because Greg and brad went the wrong way and they got to slide down the hill. They loved that. But soon they were back complaining
We decided (well mostly me because it was getting late, the girls were complaining about being cold, I was getting hungry and my snowshoe kept malfunctioning and i was getting frustrated. 
I ended up taking my snowshoes half before we even got back because the one kept catching and was trying to kill me. Thank goodness Brad came with us because Greg forgot to bring his wallet and I didn’t bring my purse because I assumed Greg had his wallet. Brad had to buy our supper haha. We ate at Bruno’s Bar + Grill which is just off of Banff Ave right by Aardvark Pizza. It is so delicious. I had a beef dip on a pretzel bun. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Check it out if you ever need a place to eat in Banff.  

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