Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Speech Therapy Update

Last week, Finley had a one on one appointment with the speech pathologist at her preschool.  She is mini appointments during class with the Assistant SLP but I don’t attend those ones.  Those are mostly when Finley and S. work on Finley’s tricky words.
Finley has made great progress since her last center visit in December.  Finley is working on using her pronouns “his” and “her”.  When given a choice cues, Finley used the possessive pronouns with over 80% accuracy.  On her own, Finley usually substituted “him” for “his” and “her” for “hers”.  The goal is to get Finley to 80% without any assistance cues at all. 
Finley is also working on using the present progressive verb tense and has made really good progress.  She was 70% accurate using the present progressive with visual supports (we used 3 blocks – one for SHE, one for IS, one for WALKING or whatever the activity was).  The goal again is to be 80% accurate without cues.  She is working really hard on this and we are good and helping her with this at home as well.  I have noticed a huge difference with this!!  She is also starting to self correct and use proper verbs and nouns on her own.
To work on the above, we can look at books or people or pictures and ask Finley what they are doing.  She is pretty good at starting and we need her to do this as independently as possible.  Tell me about this picture in a sentence,….that sorta thing.
Finley is producing /SW/SP/ and /SK/ blends on her own.  She will be working with the SLP’s on the /ST/SM/ and SN/ blends in broken words – model using visuals. 
She still struggles with the L initial.  Finley can make the L sounds on its own and pronunciation seems to be better when she has a mirror to see her tongue touch her teeth.  We call these her “singing ladies”.  Her goal now is be shown functional L words such as like, love, listen, lets, little etc that she uses on a daily basis to help her nail down this sound.
We are able to take off Mickey, Minnie, Milk and Penelope from her tricky word list as she can say them successfully now.  We have added the words NEED, Trampoline, Cailey (her bff…she used to say k-yee but now calls her Keri)
This took up the first hour of our visit and then the last 30 minutes is one on one time with her teacher working on numerals and writing skills.
Finley was able to complete a puzzle where she counted the number of objects on a puzzle piece and found the matching numeral.  She did this for numbers 1 -20.  When counting, Finley has difficulty pronouncing “13”.  This seems to be a common problem amongst the kids in her class and technically the “th” sound doesn’t come until around the age of 7. 
Finley is correct when choosing numerals 1 -20. 
Finley is able to write her name using both upper and lower class letters.  However she  has trouble with the lowercase e and making the name a relatively normal size.  We have gone from an entire page for her name to a 1/4 of her page.  She can also write Penelope’s name too – which she is proud of.  She can spell lots of words and if you tell her which letters to write, she can pretty much do it all. 
It was a very encouraging visit and we are happy with the progress that Finley has made at PK.  She is registered for a 5 day a week junior kindergarten program at the Learning Experience so she only has a few more months of intense learning and help from PK.  She is doing very well at LE on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and I think it has benefitted her a lot to be with kids who don’t have the struggles like they do at PK.

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