Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spicy Green Ninjas

Last week Finley started soccer for the second year in a row.  Their team name this year is The Spicy Green Ninja’s.  There are two girls on the team and one girl said green ninja’s and Finley said spicy green’s so they combined them and came up with Spicy Green Ninja’s
Finley before practice
It’s hard to see her but she is right in the middle
Practicing running and kicking with the ball
Running drills
Snack time before the game
Soccer seems to be going so much better than it did last year.  Finley is enjoying playing and likes to be in on the field and Penelope isn’t the disaster she was last year but again, it is only the first game!
Finley was pretty tired with all of the running though.  Gotta get her endurance up somehow!!

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