Friday, 12 November 2010

Spruce Meadows Christmas Market

Yesterday, we all headed out to the Spruce Meadows International Christmas Market.  As shocking as this may sound, we have never been to Spruce Meadows before. Why would this be shocking you ask?  Well because we live like 5 minutes away from the place + during the summer we can hear it from our house.  Yes we are that close.  
If you have never been to Spurce Meadows, I definitely recommend it.  It is truly a beautiful place to visit.  It is quite the site to see!
Finley all set to do some Christmas shopping, some international eating + some reindeer watching.  I love how awesome she looks.  Although she does look a little arrogant in this photo but she is dressed quite stylishly…
She was quite excited by all the horse statues + decor that surround Spruce Meadows…
Some bears displaying some Christmas spirit
Watching some highland dancers in the main market.  They were really fun to watch.  
Finley petting the stuffed husky pup. 
She kept saying puppy, puppy but wouldn’t go near it.  The puppy weighed 41 pounds and was only 4 months old. 
I enjoyed the pink decorations on this tree
I really wanted to buy one of these.  They were just so cute.  To be honest, I am not sure why I didn’t.
Out of all 3 buildings and outdoor markets, this was by far the busiest.  Everybody loves their Saskatoon berries.  I quite enjoyed their Saskatoon Berry Oatmeal Crumble + their carrot cake.  Greg said that their Christmas cake had a crapload of rum in it.
Another nicely decorated Christmas tree
The pony rides hadn’t started yet and the lineup for the petting zoo was ridiculous considering the animals were few and far between
Finley’s new shades from the TELUS people
Heading down to Reindeer Alley
Pretty disappointed we couldn’t see Rudolph.  But I understand why we couldn’t disturb him – it is a big job to guide Santa’s sleigh with his nose so bright.  Oh, and we could see his glowing nose through the curtains…
I was hoping we could actually pet and see the Reindeer up close but someone there said you could do that at the Heritage Park Christmas, which we will be going to.
The otherside of Reindeer Alley – it was very nicely done!
Showing how International the most International place in Calgary actually is.  Maybe the most international in the world!!  And it’s pretty much in our backyard!
Greg + Finley checking out the horses despite the sign that said clearly you were not supposed to. 
It was a great day spent outdoors in the beautiful weather!  The sun was shining, the food was great, the booths were very christmasy and you couldn’t really ask for anything more.  My only complaint would be that they had the heat turned on full blast in all 3 indoor markets which really wasn’t necessary given the warm sunny day.  They really should’ve turned them off or at least turn them down.

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