Sunday, 11 July 2010

Stampede 2010

This past Thursday was Sneak A Peak at the Stampede. Greg and I have traditionally gone on this day for a couple of reasons: it’s half price and not as busy. We thought it would be better with Finley to go on a less then busy day at the Stampede and we were right!
Walking into the Stampede. She has a cowboy hat that she was wearing before we left but I forgot it at home. At least she had jeans on to make her look like a partial cowgirl!
Watching the magic of mini donuts being made…
Look at the icing sugar on her face from the mini donuts. She loves them as much as her daddy does. Good thing Stampede is only once a year!
Running around the grounds. She was mesmerized by EVERYTHING! Last year she slept through pretty much everything so it was all so new to her even though it was her second trip there!

In the Corral Art Gallery. They had fountains and waterfalls in there and she loved them! She seemed to love all the art too!
Watching the water run…ever since she finished her last swim lesson she’s been obsessed with water which is a good thing!
This was Finley riding around on the foot rest. It happened by accident but she kept trying to get back to this position – people laughed when they saw her – probably because it looked completely ridiculous!
Finley coloring at the Service Canada area in the Corral. I use the term coloring loosely because she much prefers eating the crayon as opposed to actually coloring with them
In the agriculture building. Finley loved the miniature horses
Finley loved all the horses and cows and pigs and baby chicks! There may just be a lil farmer inside of my city girl after all…
Finley getting licked by the goat at the petting zoo

All in all we had a great time at the Stampede Thursday night. We ended up staying for nearly 4 hours. We were all pretty tuckered out towards the end. We had planned to go to the parade the next day but we were still so tired and Finley slept in. Maybe we will make it next year!

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