Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stampede 2011

 Arriving to Stampede!!  Penelope took her first ever ride on the c-train and made an appearance at her first ever Stampede.  This is Finley’s 3rd Stampede.  She loves the animals, the food, the balloons but the rides not so much.
Mini Donuts are Greg’s Stampede staple.  It’s the first thing he does when he gets there. Mine is a corn dog.  I had one.  It was delicious.  Finley got a new light up cowboy hat and Penelope got her old one.
Jamie Sale + David Pelletier at their Ice Show.  It was pretty cool.  Finley loved it very much!  Can’t wait to take her to Stars on Ice!
Riding the Bumblebee.  Finley was indifferent to the whole experience.  It was a boring ride but it might be a good thing that it was because Greg said Finley looked terrified the entire time.
While Penelope slept, Finley soaked in the animals. She was in serious Stampede heaven with all the cuddly animals for her to see and touch.
The first nations area.  We got homemade bannock + watched them smoke the meat.  Then we got to see some pow wow dancing.  I love pow wows!!
This was Finley shortly after 5pm.  She wasn’t closing her eyes. She was sleeping.  yes you read that right, sleeping.  She was so tired that she slept while she walked.  She looked like she had sipped too many stampede beverages because she was kinda staggering and such.  It was so cute.  Greg took the girls home shortly after this so Jenn + I could head to the NKOTBSB concert.

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