Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stampede 2012


On our way to Sneak A Peak at the Stampede!  Meeting some friends – should be a good time!!  

On Thursday we got on the c-train and headed down to the Stampede Grounds for the 100th Calgary Stampede Sneak A Peak.  The girls were so excited for all of their stampede wear and riding the train!
All decked out and ready to go!  Some Police Officers on bikes got on the train at Southland and gave the girls to Sheriff Badges.  Finley thought this was just awesome.  We ended up stuck on the train for about 10 minutes as there was trouble on the train ahead of us.  Definitely don’t miss the commute that’s for sure!!
A new addition to the Stampede this year was the giant iron tipi over the main entrance.  It was pretty awesome.  We got to the grounds just before 5 and it was free!!  Bonus. Anything after 5 you paid half price for!
The girls checking out all the cool stuff while waiting for our friends to arrive
One of the Stampede staff offered to take this photo of us.  First ever Stampede Family Photo!!
Greg with Michelle and Finley waiting to ride the roller coaster in kiddie ville
The excitement on Michelle’s face says it all!  The girls loved it!!!
Michelle running across the swinging bridge
Finley slowing walking across it.  This ride is for kids 42″ or taller.  Finley is 44″ so she got to go on it. But it was still too big for her and the reason is due to the fact that she is as tall as your average 5-6 year old but it only just 3.  But thankfully the staff there were helpful in getting Finley over the areas that she couldn’t figure out.
She really had a ball!
Finley LOVES most airplanes and helicopters so sitting in this was just the icing on the cake for her!
Michelle also enjoyed it!
Walking through the livestock area.  We got to see horses having showers and getting brushed.
Horse shoe making!
Baby cows!  They were so cute!!
Baby chicks that hatched THAT morning.  They were so cute.  Thankfully they had a wire top on them because Finley dropped her dog and had they hit the chicks they probably would have died.  Could you imagine??
The Superdogs.  Finley and Michelle LOVED this.  It was pretty cool.  It lasted about 45 minutes but it could have ended a lot sooner if you asked me.  30 minutes would have been key.
And at the end of the night Michelle got her cotton candy! It was the first time she had EVER had it and was so excited.  This picture literally made my entire evening.  It summed it up perfectly.
I love sneak a peak for the simple reason that it isn’t as busy as the full days and I find it so much easier especially with two little kids.  Finley and Penelope had so much fun!  They are still wearing their Cowboy hats everywhere and garner attention wherever we go.  

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