Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Stampede 2013

On Thursday we headed down to the Stampede grounds for Sneak A Peak.  We love sneak a peak and always take the girls down on this night.  It’s not very busy and there are no line ups for food or exhibits or rides.  Greg and I usually have concerts to attend to that take us back a time or two but not this year.  Anything that was to be held in the Saddledome was postponed and/or cancelled.  We are hoping it will be ready in time for  hockey season!
At home modelling their Stampede outfits
Cowgirl Finley and with Cowgirl Kitty
Penelope checking out the body art.  Preparing me for what she will do in 15 years perhaps?
I love this photo of Finley
Penelope looks so cute in this one too!!
Black skies heading to the dome.  It didn’t rain right this second but it did pour but we missed it all as we were inside the round up center looking at the exhibits and what not.  I am so thankful we did not get wet!!
Finley and Penelope and Greg were in heaven with all the food they were gonna eat.  Corn dogs, pizza, slurpees, mini donuts….I only ever eat corn dogs, I don’t like much else and my coke slurpee tasted like Dr Pepper which was not good.  I hate dr pepper!!!!
The girls LOVED the monster trucks.  This was by far their favorite ride!
The theme for Stampede was Hell or High Water and if you have been paying attention at all to what’s been going on here then you will know why.  We parked downtown instead of taking the train because Greg needed to pick up his new camera and I was taken aback from the images that I saw throughout the area.  So much unsalvagable goods sitting in bins and on sidewalks, windows boarded up, pumps trying to get the water out of the basments, a washer and dryer sitting on the sidewalk abused and covered in mud.  Watching  people still shoveling stuff from their houses was so surreal. It’s been more than 2 weeks now but still so much recovery to do.  It was tough to see. Certainly puts things in perspective that’s for sure.  

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