Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stampede 2014

Last Thursday, we dressed up the girls and headed down to Sneak A Peak at the Stampede grounds.
We had 2 very excited girls who LOVE being in cow girl hats!
Our first purchase when we got in was the red velvet mini donuts with the cream cheese glaze.  They were pretty good although I think the glaze could have been a bit richer.  The girls loved them.
Greg tried the double bacon corn dog which came with syrup.  He said it was ok.
A tradition is slurps at the stampede.  No idea why but they are.  This year the girls and I all had blueberry lemonade.  And it was AMAZING.  Amazing.  So delicious.  I haven’t checked if the Mac’s store by us has this as I think it could be way too dangerous.
Two blue tongues.  I love Penelope in this photo hahaha
Waiting to see the Super Dogs.  I hate the super dogs, it is so cheesy but Finley loves it.  Penelope thought it was over after the introduction so it was a long half hour with her.  I think it would be far more interesting if it were Super Cats instead,
We went to the indoor kids place and the girls got their face painted.  Penelope requested a pink horse.
Finley requested a pink whale and got this.  Not sure what the girl was doing.  Finley was not overly impressed with it.
Sitting in the carriage.  I cannot wait to go to the Remington Carriage Museum in Cardton.  I think it would pretty cool and the girls would love it.  While in the art place, we ran into a friend and chatted for a bit.  It was nice getting to see her.
My pick and maybe Greg’s too for best food at the grounds: deep fried sushi from Joey’s Urban.  The spicy sauce was key too.  So good.  I need to find these.  It was almost better then real sushi!!
People sure did love our 2 cowgirls but who could blame them?
Someone was VERY excited to drive the “candy” car.  If you watch Nascar at all, #18 is the M+M’s car and that is Penelope’s favourite car – much to my dismay hahah.  She loved this ride so much she went on it twice
Finley in her car.  She picked it because it was purple not because she likes Jimmie Johnson
Another happy girl on the Monster Trucks
Finley so badly wanted the pink truck and this year she finally got it.  She was so happy
One final ice cream treat before we called it a night.  Greg certainly got a lot of attention with his pretty pink cow girl hat.  He says this is why he doesn’t have one because every year he has to wear Penelope’s.
Penelope walked in the house and promptly fell asleep on the stairs.  Perhaps foreshadowing future stampede visits after she turns 18 hahaha
We love going to Sneak A Peak because it’s cheaper and less crowds which is always nice but I think this will be our last for awhile.  It was hard to squeeze in everything and we ended up missing TONS because we ran out of time and the girls were tired.  The girls like to ride the rides and that takes up a lot of our time.  Next year it will be a full day trip to the grounds.  
Happy Stampeding!

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