Thursday, 12 July 2012

Stampede Breakfast

Yesterday we got dressed up in our stampede gear and headed over to M-Towne’s 13th Annual Stampede Breakfast.  We had gone last year and got so wet because it rained like you would not believe.  Thankfully this was after we had eaten.  Because of the weather, it wasn’t very busy.  This year, was a whole different story!!
Finley loved these girls.  She was dancing and humming along to the music.  
The lineup for breakfast.  Thankfully it went pretty fast.
The girls were so happy to see each other.  They were dancing away to the country music
Pancakes and sausage
They each ate all of theirs plus most of mine.  They love their pancakes and sausage
Seriously can they get any cuter???
Yes, yes they can!!!
100 great years!!
Seriously we had the cutest kids there!!!  The weather was SO nice that it was SO busy.  Crazy long line ups for everything.  Next  year if it is this nice out we will be there at 7am when it starts and not around 9!!!

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