Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 10

On this morning, Greg woke up at 630 and since the shower facility wasn’t open yet he went for a drive to find bears.  he managed to find a bird (osprey i think) and a grizzly bear with her cubs.  I was jealous I didn’t get to see!
Our plan for the day was to do the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone from several different viewpoints.  Our first was at Brink of Upper Falls and this was probably my favorite.  It had super fast water, falling and left mist and steam everywhere.  It was awesome!
Next was the Red Rock Point which we had to hike like hundreds of stairs to get down to see this and then back up again.  I wasn’t too thrilled about all the stairs.  Unfortunately there would be more….
The is Lookout Point which is the view you get when you don’t hike down to Red Rock.  
Then it was onto Grand View.  Here we got a good shot of the girls and even a family picture.
Then it was Inspiration point.  i will admit I was not inspired.  Greg said he was.
Then it was Artist Point. Even Penelope was bored by this point.
THen it was Uncle Tom’s View. This was kinda cool but there were tonnes of stairs and they were steep.  Enjoyed all the rainbows though!
Lastly, it was the Upper Falls of Yellowstone River.
We then checked out Sulphur Cauldron:
And Mud Volcano…
This was the view behind the Fishing Bridge Visitor Education Center.  A fantastic photo of Greg and the girls
Here is Mr. Buffalo playing in the sand….so cute!
We went for a row boat on Lake Yellowstone.  Finley loved it, Penelope hated it. HATED It.  she cried the whole time.  Our hour rental barely lasted 30 minutes!
Then we had supper at the Lake Hotel.  When you think Lake Hotel, think Dirty Dancing.  I seriously kept waiting for Baby to pour the water pitcher on Robbie’s lap and order him to stay away from her sister.  I think I need to watch that movie again….
The food was alright but the dessert was spectacular!!
On our way back to our campsite from the hotel, we saw baby coyotes, black bears, grizzly bear, buffalo, antalopes and deer.  Pretty successful if you ask me!

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