Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 11

Our day started out with packing up our campsite as we were moving to a different place in the park followed by a quick hike to a place with falls but I can’t find those pictures.  Our second stop was at Wraith Falls which was a few step walk from our car. Here is Finley being silly!
We again saw tonnes of elk as we drove thru Mammoth on our way to Gardner,MT for groceries.
Here is a photo of Greg driving through the original Yellowstone Gate
I thought that this was kinda cool so I took a photo of it.
Shortly past this sign we stopped for lunch at Boiling Point Lake.  Normally you can swim in it but it was closed because of high water.  It’s a natural spring meeting a thermal area so it’s like a natural hot tub.
Above is some elk we saw, Roaring Mountain which wasn’t roaring and Sheepeater Cliff.  The cliff was pretty cool and some people were climbing it.
This was Norris Geyser Basin.  It was alright – definitely the lamest of all the thermal areas we visited.
Gibbon Falls:
Kepler Cascades
A coyote near our new campground:
We were tired from a day of driving so we had supper at the Grand Village Restaurant.  It was super delicious!
Playing at the new campsite.  Gotta love sisterly love!

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