Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 12

Today was dedicated to Geysers!
Here we saw one go off at Firehold Lake Drive.  This is basically a driving loop with a few geysers.  There is one that is spectacular but we never managed to see it erupt.
These were taken at the Fountain Paint Pots.  This was pretty nice to see.  We also ran into our fabulous family from Pennsylvania here.  That was pretty cool!
Elk playing in the water:
Finley hated all the steam which she now refers to as “stink” because it always stunk where there was steam.  This is at Midway Geyser Basin which is home to The Grand Prismatic Spring which is stunningly beautiful!
Greg hiked up a hill to get this shot of the GPS.  I love it!
Fairy Falls which was a very easy, long boring hike that seriously was not worth it.  Perhaps too spoiled from Banff….
Biscuit Basin:
Black Sand Basin:
West Thumb Basin:
More Elk

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