Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 13

We decided we needed a break from the water falls and geysers that seem to consume Yellowstone so we headed further south to spend a day at Grand Teton National Park.  I loved it there.  I can’t wait until the kids are older and we can do some of the cool hikes the area has to offer.
Here is Rockefeller Parkway Visitor Center.  It was named after John D Rockefeller after he purchased a bunch of land and donated it to various parks around the USA.  This parkway connects Yellowstone National Park to Grand Teton National Park.
All flags in the park were at half mass this day because it was the anniversary of the end of the Korean War.  It was also known as The Forgotten War.
A moose having some summer fun in the water:
Finley proudly pointing to the poop on her t-shirt.  She got a t-shirt in Yellowstone that shows the different poop from all the different animals in the park.  Pretty sure her daddy loves that shirt more than she does.
Hiking up to taggart lake.  It was a nice hike with a beautiful waterfall.
taggart lake was so nice and peaceful.  Nice view of the mountains with cold, beautiful water.  We had a picnic lunch once we reached here.
Unfortunately it is pretty windy and the wind blew Finley’s hat into the water.  Greg tried to run in and get it but because he had to take the ergo carrier off with penelope in it, it got too far into the middle of the lake.  The water was too cold for Greg to swim in it.  There was a troop of girl scouts and their leader figured the wind would blow it to either end of the shore.  It looked like it was veering left, so Greg walked down the left side and was about to climb onto a log and row himself out when he was able to jump in and catch it.  Finley was crying and screaming because she wanted her hat back.  When I saw that Greg had grabbed it, all the girls cheered and clapped.  Greg appreciated again the super dad label.  How fitting that this all happened at Taggart Lake considering that is her middle name.  Finley was very careful with her hat for the rest of the trip.
Jenny Lake:
The views from Signal Mountain:
ANother moose in the water – different water, different moose
Beautiful Colburn Bay.  We asked Finley if she wanted to go swimming but she said no.
after this, we headed back to Yellowstone where we ate supper in the general store and then had showers and did laundry. 
Thank you Grand Teton.  We will be back

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