Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 5

Today was by far the hottest day of my life.  And unless you are sitting poolside or near the ocean with a frozen drink in your hand, it is unacceptable to ever be this hot.
We started the day by driving to the Badlands National Park.  We stopped at a Starbucks in Rapid City on the way there and it was the perfect start to the day!  The Badlands is very similar to drumheller in terms of landscape but way hotter and way nicer.  A lot less trees that is for sure.  YOu will notice the rattlesnake sign – thankfully we didn’t see any!!!  While exploring the area, we met people from Arkansas and Arizona who were enjoying the “cooler” weather.  I will never get used to it.
It was unbelievably hot.  Like insane.  We went over a 100 degrees at the badlands and hit 104 below at the Minuteman Missile.  I can’t even explain how hot we were.
This was a really cool place to visit despite the heat.  Back when they actually used this area for shooting off missiles, you’d be shot on command if you were caught trespassing.  There were at one time hundreds of missiles in this area but they have all since been removed.  The actual dangerous part is in hiding somewhere – so we didn’t actually get to see that. 
After the Minuteman Missile, we drove to Wall, South Dakota.  It is home of the world famous Wall Drug.  It is basically a whole block dedicated to souveniers and other fun stuff.  We had their homemade ice cream and it was so good – especially since we hit 107  degrees here.  They had a robotic T-Rex that moved and roared and it scared the crap out of Finley.  She went banana’s and grabbed Greg’s arm and ran right out of the building.  She did not enjoy it at all.  If you want to read more about Wall Drug, click HERE.  If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend you check it out.
After this, we drove back to Rapid City where we did some shopping at TJ Maxx, Scheel’s and Target.  We had supper at Sonic and then got some groceries at Safeway before returning to our campsite. Despite the heat, it turned out to be another fantastic day of vacation!

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