Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 7

We packed up the campsite and headed to Jewel Cave. We were anxious to see the similarities and differences between here and Wind Cave.  We were told by one of the Park Rangers that they were nothing alike and boy she wasn’t wrong.  
There is a box outside of the building that if you can fit through, you can be a caver.  Greg tried several different ways but was never successful.  Finley also tried to go through the box but claimed that she too did not fit and therefore could not be a caver. Not sure why she didn’t want to go through.
Unlike Wind Cave, Jewel Cave was very wide open.  There were no caves, no narrow staircases or anything.  It is the largest cave in the world and many geologists believe that they have only discovered 2% of the actual cave. The coolest part of the cave as the top left photo – it is a strip of bacon. Its resemblance to bacon is crazy!  My photo doesn’t do it any justice, but it super cool.
After the cave tour, we had a picnic lunch and headed on to The Devil’s Tower.  It was pretty cool:
We headed to Buffalo, Wy for the night where we ate dinner at the Bozeman Trail Steak House.  The food was average with massive portions but the dessert was to die for.  We had Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter Cup Pie.  The name says it all!

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