Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 8

We left Buffalo and made our way to Yellowstone National Park.  We stopped at Big Horn Canyon and it was pretty cool.  
We travelled along Bear Tooth’s Pass to get to the park.  There was still tonnes of snow and it was really windy. At one point, we were at over 10,000 feet elevation!  I love the sign there that you see when you enter the park.  I thought it was funny.
When we got to our campsite in Yellowstone, we discovered that someone left us a bunch of fire stuff – so nice to see people paying it forward!  We bought our own bushpie maker and made apple pies.  Definitely could have used some sugar.  It was a bit chillier then we were used to that’s for sure!  The buffalo is one we saw just before our campground. There are tonnnes of buffalo in the park!
We definitely used our sleeping bags in the park and mine is definitely warm!

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