Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 9

We started off our day dressed very warmly and by eating pancakes and bacon.  It was delicious.  Penelope was not happy about having to wear hats!!
It sooned warmed up though!  We hiked to the top of Mount Washburn.  It was a 10k round trip and Finley did half up and half down.  We hiked to just over 10,000 feet which is our highest ever.  The air was super thin and a lot of people were struggling with it.  Being from Calgary and hiking in Banff regularly had us doing better than most.  From the top of the mountain you can apparently see Old Faithful but I had no such luck.  The building on top of the mountain is a viewing area and then a residence on top for the fire rangers.
After the hike up and back down the mountain, we headed to Tower Fall.  The parking lot was packed, making us very excited for what we would see but it wasn’t much. Living near Banff definitely has us spoiled!
After Tower Fall, we drove to Mammoth but before we got there, we encountered a Black Bear!!!
Mammoth is like Elk Central!  There was elk everywhere – I loved it.  It reminded me of what Banff was like when we were kids!!  Mammoth Hot Springs was really cool.  The white stuff is all dead and the colored stuff is where thermal activity is still taking place.  It smelled really bad though!
After Mammoth, we stopped at the Petrified Tree which is now a rock.  This makes absolutely no sense to me at all how this happens.  There is a petrified forest about 7k away that you can hike to but I passed.
Back at the campsite, Finley roasted her own hot dog and played with her sister.  Penelope had 5 teeth come in on this trip!!!  Her rosy cheeks had nothing to do with the hot weather we encountered everyday of our trip!

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