Friday, 5 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011: Day 1 - 3

We left for our 17 day American vacation on Friday July 15th around noon.  Our first stop was in Great Falls, MT which is about 5 or 6 hours from Calgary.  When we got there it was about 32 degrees and it was stifling.  We checked into our hotel where we found a very cool looking buffalo statue in the lobby. It was designed by somebody from Alberta.  After checking in, we went to Bert + Ernies for supper where I had the most fabulous pink lemonade that was perfect for this hot evening and then ended with a very successful trip to Target.  Finley got a new pair of hot pink shoes for only $3!!  It was then off to bed for an early morning.
After a free breakfast buffet at our hotel, we headed off to Helena.  Technically the faster way to South Dakota was to go to Billings but we detoured so we could go to the State Capital building.  Here are two pictures – one of just the building and one of me and Finley on the stairs.  We look like little blimps.  In Helena, we managed to find a Macy’s, Target, Bob Ward’s and a few good shoe stores.  I found a very cute dress for Penelope at Macy’s for Kristen’s upcoming wedding.  It was originally $58 and we got it for $9.98.  We managed to buy several fabulous things in Helena.  We had lunch, some American Starbucks (SO much better than CDN and I am not sure why) and then headed to Bozeman.
Once in Bozeman, we did some more shopping!!  I found a pair of pink TOMS, a new hat and some other great things.  We had supper at Montana Ale House which doesn’t have its own beer like you would think but brings in beer from around Montana and it’s like $3 a pint.  I don’t drink beer but Greg had one and it was great according to him.  We had crab wontons as an appetizer and they were delicious!!  After supper, we continued on to Billings where we would spend the night before heading into South Dakota.
In Billings, we came across a TJ Maxx which had me kinda excited.  It’s a little better then Winner’s but not as good as its sister store Marshalls.  But I found 3 dresses for Finley, a tshirt and pi’s for Penelope and most importantly, a pair of fabulous Marc Jacobs sunglasses and the best part?  They were only $34.95!!  I was fantastically happy especially since the Chanel ones I brought on the trip needed to be tightened and kept dropping on my face.  We went to Cabela’s + Walmart to get groceries (so much cheaper) before heading to bed at our hotel.  
Saskatoon you will be so happy once Cabela’s opens.  It is a great outdoor store and there store brand is very reasonable too.
On Sunday morning, we checked out of our hotel and headed to the local i-hop (it doesn’t normally have a hyphen but my spellcheck keeps changing it to hop).  It was a very good way to start the day.  I wish Calgary would get one.  Edmonton has one so hopefully we will be next.  You can see Finley above trying on my new shades.  You will also find her playing with the phone a lot.  I think she was a little confused why it was attached to something…..
and this concludes our first 2.5 days of our trip…

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