Monday, 23 June 2014

Sundance Canyon

On Sunday morning, we got up bright and early and headed to Grandpa Don’s to grab his canoe (more on that tomorrow).  We were heading to Banff for a day of hiking, biking and canoeing.  Our first stop was Sundance Canyon. 
We chose Sundance Canyon because we  hadn’t done it since Finley was about 9 months old.  Successfully that is.  We tried it last spring, the week before the floods it.  I was 2 weeks post partum (with major surgery and minor complications, read about it HERE) so I wanted to see where I stopped and if I would regret 53 weeks later.  And  I did not.  It was tough stretch and I am in WAY better shape today (obviously) and it was still a bit tough towards the end.
The trail starts at the Cave and Basin that was redone last year.  They have made so many great improvements.  If you  haven’t been to check it out, I really recommend that you do.  It has been really well done and it is the whole reason we have national parks today so it’s a good lesson in history.  You leave from the parking lot to get to the canyon and you can do it by horse, foot or bike.  It’s great for older people and kids because it is relatively flat until the end.
Such beautiful scenery to bike towards and the smells were sensational.  
Greg and his bike train.  The girls have gotten bigger so everything is heavier. Hopefully this will be the last summer for the bike train and next summer Finley can be riding trails like t his on her own. At least (mostly Greg) can hope!
I got to the canyon first and waited for the others to reach me.  All the water was in Penelope’s bike trailer and I was so thirsty.  We started the hike and left the bikes behind.
Water falls!  You actually hike right to the top of the fall which Finley loves to do.  She loves her water falls!!  Which is good because you tend to see a lot of them and they can turn her frown upside down.  Penelope doesn’t always see them which can lead to meltdowns.
We are trying to get the girls to hike without holding hands all of the time and in all honesty it’s easier for them if they are not holding their hands.  Greg taught them how to balance with their arms.  It was kinda funny because they were using it in all kinds of situations.
Sunshine Canyon was closed for a long time after the flood although it was mostly due to water accumulation as opposed to much other damage.  The only damage that would have occurred was right at the beginning with the more narrow paths.  The rest of the canyon is quite deep – probably due to floods in the past.
It got a little crazy with rocks and mud through out the hike
Finley landed in some mud and she was not happy with mud on her pretty pink shoes….not too sure where she would get them from……(not me I swear haha)
Finley has been a really great hiker minus the last year or two.  When she was 3.5 she hiked 7.5K to Hearney’s Peak in South Dakota.  People were in awe of her.  She slacked off a bit last year but she is definitely back this summer and she was at my hiking pace which is really nice.  I have a tendency to leave them behind because I can’t handle hiking at the slow pace of Penelope (for the most part).  By taking Finley with me, I get in less trouble from Greg for leaving which is good.  And Finley and I get to have some one on one time too which is always good in my books :)

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