Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sunset Bike Ride

All of the snow of Snowtember melted away and we have been blessed with some beautiful weather ever since.  We are thankful to be able to see the beautiful fall colours abundantly clear right now.  I love fall – I love cute sweaters and boots and scarves. I love the colours and the crispness to the air.  Living in Calgary we don’t get a lot of it.  Some years we go from summer to winter and it just sucks. But last fall and now this fall, we are definitely getting to enjoy it a little bit longer.
We live in a relatively new neighbourhood and so we don’t get the trees with the beautiful fall foliage and the ones that do were destroyed so we had to sneak out to Fish Creek Park for an evening bike ride just before sunset.  Penelope really wanted to use her new kitty cat helmet that she got for her birthday the weekend before in Saskatoon.  
I love this photo.  Had the girls been in a  better position this definitely could have been a printer outer stick it somewhere to be displayed kinda photo.  Look at the colours in the sky.  Seriously stunning.
I love sun sets.  Love them.  And I don’t get to enjoy them from the comfort of my own house.  None of the windows expose the sunset in any manner.  It is a little disappointing but after 7 years I have ok with it.  One of my favourite things about bike rides and running and bootcamp is being outdoors near sunset to see the beautiful colours and images.  And that night’s sunset did not disappoint.

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