Friday, 12 September 2014

Sunset Festival

After the Lululemon SeaWheeze, they host a Sunset Festival at Stanley Park.  They bus you to and from the Vancouver Convention Center to Stanley Park.  This year The Colourists and Capital Cities performed and they were so awesome!!
They had an acrobat station set up.  Greg and I thought it was just acrobators putting on a show but it was actually SeaWheezers getting to do it.  By the time we realized this the line up was closed.  It would have been pretty awesome.
The Colourists
This is a beer that Lululemon and The Stanley Park Brewery collaborated on.  It was a strawberry wheat ale. It was not good.  The general consensus was that it was not balanced.  Not my consensus. I said it was gross hahahaha
Capital Cities.  I only knew one song by them which was safe and sound.  And it turns out that they are so much better then that one song.  I really enjoyed the performance.  And it was the absolute perfect choice for the crowd, atmosphere and to just be mellow after we all accomplished that morning.
They had shadows/lights dancing in the trees to the music. 
It was a super awesome way to end an amazingly epic weekend.  See ya next year Lululemon :)

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