Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunset Festival

I will have to admit that I was not looking forward to the Sunset Festival this year.  I had not heard of any of the bands and thought that it wouldn’t be as good as last year.  But I was wrong.  It was really well done this year. 
I loved that this was the entrance into the festival.  It really tied together the theme of SeaWheeze 2015.
The Artisan Market was really great.  There were so many cute local businesses taking part in it
While we were waiting in line for the flavoured marshmallows, we saw these guys walk by.  I saw the yellow bird on the race route and Jenn saw them twerking while she waited in the store line up on Friday.  They added an interesting element to the whole weekend!!
The first and third were Toasted Coconut and they were so good.  The middle was raspberry lemonade and I didn’t like it.  So I only ate the first one and had a bite of the second and was done.  Had I done the coconut in a row then I would have ate more but the lemonade one really turned me off.
Last year, Lululemon partnered with Stanley Park Brewery to create a festival beer but this year they created the Curiosity Lager which you could find at liquor stores if you were lucky enough.  I don’t much like beer and I hated last years, but this one was slightly bearable.  
We missed the first band and were only able to see part of Yeasayer and some of St Lucia but both were SO good!!  When I got back to Calgary I bought all of their stuff on iTunes!  It was a really good time.  
We really lucked out when we got on the bus we did coming back to the convention center from Stanley Park.  She was this awesome lady who was blasting 80s music very loudly all the way.  It was seriously so awesome.  Seeing the Olympic Cauldron all lit up was pretty good too.  
A most perfect way to end the most perfect SeaWheeze weekend!

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