Saturday, 23 June 2012

Superhero Day

A few weeks ago Finley’s preschool celebrated Superheroes week and on the final day they had a big party.  This was all in preparation of the Race for Pace on June 23rd (today) and yearend superhero celebrations that followed.
Finley with her cape and mask she made
Superman arrived.  Finley and L didn’t know what to think of him
Waiting in line to get her face painted
Getting ready….
Face painting for the first time ever – she was great!
My superhero rainbow!  Look how awesome she looks with pink lipstick.  I am so envious.  Greg’s gonna have his hands full when she starts dating boys…when she is 30 :)
Finley meeting Spiderman.
Watching Spiderman spin his web
Trying to spin her own web
She was having a blast!
And the perfect ending to any party – SUPERHERO CAKE!!

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