Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Surrogacy Update

Things are going pretty well in the world of surrogacy.  I had an ultrasound on Jan 19 and found out the sex of the baby.  I had to keep it a secret for 2 weeks but was finally able to tell the mama to be the other night.  I still cannot share it as the daddy to be still does not know and isn’t sure that he wants to know……
We have hit the halfway mark and now I am more pregnant then weeks I have left which is always great!!  I am still seeing my family doctor mostly because they feel that I need to see a ob-gyn for the pregnancy instead of a regular pre-natal doctor like I did with my two girls.  The problem with this is that ob-gyn’s are rare and are have high demand in Calgary.  I have been referred to two so far, and my family doctor told me that they were both booking in “early 2014” which doesn’t really help since I am due in June.  My doctor isn’t too concerned and I guess really all I have to do is show up at a hospital and they would have to admit me, prenatal doctor or not.  The downside to having to go to a ob-gyn, despite the wait list, is that the odds are great that it will not be close to home and that I won’t be able to deliver at Rockyview where I had my two girls.  I will keep you updated as this plays out….
I am feeling pretty great for the most part – aside from the terrible heartburn.  With Finley I only had heartburn for the last month and Penelope I had it almost the entire time but it was usually cured with chewable Rolaids so it wasn’t much of a concern.  This time round, it was keeping me up at night, making me throw up and I couldn’t eat anything.  Some mom friends recommended Zantac 150 and the pharmacist said it would be fine being pregnant so I took one and voila it was gone.  The only heartburn I have had since was from eating some Twizzlers so I know not eat them. 
I definitely have a baby belly but I still don’t fit most maternity clothes and most of regular clothes don’t fit.  It kinda sucks.  I rely heavily on leggings and bella bands for my skinny jeans.  Maternity tops are hit and miss but I have a few that I rely on and I have a few Lululemon pullovers and Scuba’s that are working out quite well.  My goal for this pregnancy is to not have to wear maternity pants….wish me luck :)
The resulting baby belly has resulted in some awkward conversations with preschool moms and people i “kinda” know.  Most people are positive and I think are at a loss for words because it wasn’t the answer that they were expecting.  It doesn’t really bother me anymore so it’s all good.  
I would like to end this update by thanking each and every one of you for the positive comments and words of encouragement that came pouring in when I announced what I was doing.  When I went public, I certainly wasn’t looking for that to happen, but I am truly blessed to have the best and most amazing friends and family that any one person can have.  I was brought to tears by the words of you and for that, I will be forever grateful.

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