Friday, 20 March 2015

Take 4

Almost 2 months ago, my friend Jenn at tagged me to do this.  And in better late then never news, I am finally doing it!!!
I am not going to tag anybody but feel free to do this if you like! It was kinda fun!
4 names people call me:
    1. Becky
    2. Becko (Greg only and I hate it)
    3. Mother (Penelope mostly, Finley used to and only does it when she’s not happy with me)
    4. Mommy
4 jobs I have had:
    1.  I delivered the paper
    2. I worked at booster juice
    3. I worked at PA Family Restaurant
    4.  I worked at Bonanza (which was where I met my very best friend and my husband)
4 movies I watched more then once:
    1.  Sweet Home Alabama
    2.  The Other Woman
    3.  Pitch Perfect
    4.  Easy A
4 books that I would recommend:
    1. Bossypants – Tina Fey
    2.  The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
    3.  The Harry Potter Series
    4.  Yes Please – Amy Poehler
4 places I have lived:
    1. Prince Albert, SK
    2. Saskatoon, SK
    3. Calgary, AB
4 places I’ve visited:
    1. Orlando
    2. New York City
    3.  Los Angeles
    4.  Maui
4 places I’d rather be right now:
    1. Shopping
    2. Having a bath
    3. On a beach
    4. Somewhere quiet
4 things I don’t eat:
    **it was hard to narrow it down to 4 things!!
    1. Cheese (except parmesan and gruyere cheese on the honey dijon burger at Blue Star Diner)
    2. Anything creamy except milkshakes
    3. Wild Meat
    4. Animal Organs
4 favourite foods:
    1.  lobster and crab – really any seafood except for clams and mussels
    2.  Greg’s beef bourginon
    3.  Cashews
    4.  honey dijon chicken burger from blue star diner
4 tv shows I’ve watched:
    1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    2.  Duff Til Dawn
    3.  30 Rock
    4.  Call The Midwife
4 things I am looking forward to this year:
    1. San Francisco with Greg
    2. Vancouver with Jenn + Alex
    3. Both kids going to the same school in the fall
    4. Summer time fun with friends and family
4 things I am always saying:
   1. Penelope go to your room
   2. Was that a good choice?
   3. Seriously??
   4. I’m going to have a bath

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