Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Telus Spark

Last month Finley went to the science center with her preschool class so Penelope + I tagged along for the trip.
Our first stop was the Creative Kids Museum.  It was super cool with SO much for the kids to do!
This one was really cool – you controlled the sounds that were made by turning the tap and water coming out of the top there and hitting the bottom.  The kids loved this one
Penelope getting a kick out of something
This one made sound from the telescope like thing hitting the metal things on the walls.  Finley really enjoyed this one too.
Playing with voltage. 
The next 2 photos are of the pipeline building.  Finley loved this and she probably spent the most time at this one then any other one with exception of the creative kids museum.  This made greg especially happy since designing pipelines is what he does (at least that is what I think he does)
After going through the science center, we headed back to the Creative Kids Musuem
It was a fantastic time!  I really recommend you check it out if you haven’t been to it yet.  I can’t wait until Penelope is a bit older and can enjoy herself more.  I also think strollers are a pain in the butt here and would definitely put Penelope in the ergo next time we go. 

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