Thursday, 11 October 2012


This year for Thanksgiving we headed up the QE2 and went to my cousin’s place in Red Deer.  We were having a combination weekend: Celebrating Thanksgiving and Tanner, Finley, Nancy and my mom’s birthday’s as a family.  We normally have a family party for Tanner, one for Finley and my mom + Nancy’s are usually celebrated at Thanksgiving.  But this year we decided it to cover it all in one weekend to save trips and travel for our family!!
Grandma Toot got her a Minnie Mouse Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas.  Finley saw this in the Sears Wish Book when it was delivered in August and she wanted it so badly.  We were planning on getting it for Christmas.  My mom, however, found it at Walmart for $10 cheaper then Sears was selling it so she got it for her birthday.  Finley is quite happy with this!!
Opening her presents with her sister’s unwelcomed help :)
Tanner opening his presents
Pascal was also on Finley’s wish list.  Aunty Kristy got it for her and Finley was very excited.  If you are not familiar with Pascal, he is a chameleon and more importantly, he is Rapunzel’s sidekick in Tangled. He came with magic markers that you can colour on him with and change his colour.  The downside is that they colour on other things besides Pascal – including clothes and body parts which makes me very unhappy!!
Playing with her new Rapunzel Magnetic Doll Set. In case you are wondering, Finley LOVES Rapunzel and anything Tangled related.  That will be the theme of her kids party next weekend!
We were trying to figure out how to do one fun cake for both Finley and Tanner to share.  They both love hockey so we decided to make a Flames cake since it is both of their favorite teams!!  Greg did a pretty good job.  The cake was Martha Stewart’s Red Velvet Cake which I made in honor of the Flames.  
Waiting for the cake!!
They both loved it!!!
I made this gluten free cheesecake from scratch for Nancy’s birthday.  I was worried how it would turn out since I normally just buy the mix.  I looked everywhere for a mix but couldn’t find one anywhere.  It was super easy to make and it tasted amazing.  In fact, I was told that it was the best cheesecake ever!!!!
Nancy with her birthday cheesecake
Turkey Day Morning
Finley and Grandma Toot with Grandma Toot’s birthday cake!!  Finley was thrilled to have cake AGAIN
We had a great weekend in Red Deer and loved spending so much time with our family!!!  Can’t wait until we all get together at Christmas in SK!!

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