Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Things Kids Say

Here are some funny things to start your day:
Mommy, can you pour some water on my head so I can grow like a flower?
Luci bit me with her foot
Mommy please be really gentle with these clothes.  They are very special to me.
Finley goes to 2 preschools.  Greg randomly asked which one was her favorite.  Finley replied with Pacekids.  Greg asked her why and she said “because there are more boys”.  Needless to say this did not make Greg very happy ;)
One of Finley’s preschool teachers was pregnant and they had a going away party the day she went on Maternity Leave.  One of the kids asked where they baby was.  She told them it was in her tummy.  Finley replied why did you eat your baby??
Penelope was wearing a cowgirl hat so I asked her if she was a cowgirl  She said No Mommy I am a yee-haw
My back is sore daddy.  Why?  I ate too many spicy spring rolls

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