Tuesday, 3 November 2015

This is 7

Last Thursday, Finley turned 7.  Birthays are a big deal in our house and we like to celebrate! A tradition is that a photo must be taken of the birthday girl as soon as they wake up or in most cases, especially with Finley, when I wake them up. 
The photo above is of Finley being annoyed that she is being woken up.  She hates being woken up.
Once she realized it was her birthday, she was much more happier about being awake.  She was also surprised about the desk that was sitting in her room that was not there when she went to bed the night before.  Greg built after she went to bed and once she was asleep we snuck it in there for her to wake up to.
My big girl is finally 7!!  I still can’t believe my babies are getting so big!!
Walking to school with pink cupcakes to share with her classmates.  Unlike her birthday party baking, this one went super smoothly!!!
Walking home from school anxious to go use her new desk
Opening up her presents from her sister.  Penelope got her a large unicorn beanie boo and some hotel transylvannia books and a unicorn t-shirt.  All of Finley’s current favourites.  Such a good sister hahahah
Working away at her desk.  I will have a post coming up shortly dedicated to one of Finley’s most favourite things!!
We went out for supper for her birthday and she picked Boston Pizza which seems to be such a favourite with kids.  I am not sure if it is the pizza or the dessert afterwards or both but both girls love it much to mine and Greg’s dismay.  We came home where we surprised Finley with some Halloween themed ice cream cupcakes from Marble Slab.  She seemed to enjoy them but the rest of us didn’t.  Given how good our marble slab usually is, it was a disappointment to get such a terrible product from them.  There was very little ice cream in the sundae and loaded with very oily whipped cream.  I would never buy them again and don’t recommend that you do either.
It was a great birthday day for Finley captivating nearly a week of celebrations for this sweet girl turning 7.

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