Thursday, 28 February 2013


A few weeks ago while at Finley and Penelope’s dance class, I was chatting with another mom about thumb sucking.  Her daughter used to suck her thumb and kicked the habit in a week thanks to the T-Guard.  It sounded like a great idea but I wasn’t keen on the price.  Yes $100 plus shipping was A LOT cheaper then the thousands of dollars that may be spent on dental work but I was concerned about wasting money if it didn’t work.
So I went online and found Thumbusters.  It was like $12 plus shipping.  I ordered one immediately.
It showed up about a week later and I immediately put it on.  She was a little unsure of it but kept it on for the most part.  I thought she had switched hands to suck so I panicked and ordered a second one.  It turns out that I just had it on the wrong hand.  She took it off once and never again.
Soon the second one arrived.  It was so pretty and clean.  And she was ok with having it on both hands.  I tried to take it off so she could eat and not make the buster so gross but she refused to have it off.
Fast forward to this past Saturday.  We decided to take off the thumbusters and see how she would react.  She never touched her thumb.  Either of them.  We put them back on for bedtime and she was ok with that.  Sunday morning we took them off and again no thumbsucking and that was even with a long drive to and from the Saddledome. I forgot to put them on that night and on Monday morning I asked her if she sucked her thumb or not and she said no.  I haven’t caught her since but to safe, they will still be going on at night.
I wish I would have heard of this sooner because in 11 days we went from a chronic thumbsucker to nothing at all.  Truly amazing.  If you have children who do suck their thumb, I highly recommend the Thumbuster – Truly a great, great product.  I will keep you up to date on whether or not this continues, but I am confident it will!!

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