Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Time For The Tooth Fairy To Pay A Visit To Our House

On Thursday night, we discovered that Finley’s two bottom teeth were loose.  I was a bit traumatized by this.  Was this happening too soon?  I mean she JUST turned 5!!  I texted my Cousin’s wife who happens to work in the Dental industry and while she agreed it is a bit on the early side, it’s not unusual.  Her older cousin Madi also lost her first tooth early and had all her adult teeth including 12 year molars by the time she was 10.  This made me happy to hear.
On Friday night, after lots and lots of wiggling by Finley, her tooth finally fell out.  I was a little disappointed that I was not home when it happened but somewhat happy that Greg sent me a photo of the missing tooth.
Finley told Greg that I was to wake her up when I got home so she could show me.  She looks kinda high in this photo….hahah
Her tooth fairy pillow was under her pillow with her missing tooth in it waiting for the Tooth Fairy to appear.  How did I have this pillow do you ask?? Well I found them on Etsy last year on a clear out so I bought one for each of them.
The next morning Finley woke up and I asked her if the Tooth Fairy came.  She said no because i didn’t hear her.  I told her to go check her pillow.  She came up so excited that she left two pennies.  I quickly corrected her and said it was $2.  She was even more excited even though she has no idea of the value that any money pertains.  
Finley was very excited that the magic tooth fairy came to our house with her wand.  She came in through the window and she knows where everyone lives and sees all the missing teeth because she is magic like Santa Claus.  Penelope was astonished by the whole thing and she too apparently has many loose teeth

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