Sunday, 6 December 2009

Too Many Men On The Field


I remember when the Flames lost in game 7 to the Lightning in the Stanley Cup Final I was completely devastated. I am pretty sure I was born a Flames fan and have never wavered in my loyalty to them – ever – even when we didn’t make the playoffs for 7 years, I always believed. However, nothing compares to watching your team lose – LIVE – like right in front of your eyes. Literally, we were right behind the field goal in the end zone. Losing because of a silly penalty in uncomprehendable. It was tragic, devastating…well you get the picture….

Anyways, here is a photo of the most loyal, devoted Riders fan I know, who I think would’ve cried if he weren’t in public…
I don’t care who the “13th” man on the field was and I don’t care. I still am a proud, green-bleeding Rider fan and can’t wait til next season!!

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