Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Touring Lahaina

Before lunch on our first day in Lahaina, we walked down to front street to look around.  I love Front Street – lots of great food and shops!
Found this crazy mailbox along the road.  Finley loved it although not sure she really noticed the bottles – she just loved that it was a mermaid.  It will probably offend some people but how do you not take a photo of this??
Oranges growing in the tree
Finley and Grandpa Don
Penelope getting a ride from daddy
This is one of the largest banyan trees in the United States.  It was brought over from India and planted in front of the Lahaina courthouse in 1873.  It stands over 60 feet tall.  The courthouse is no longer used as such.  You can get tours of it and go into the jail but we didn’t do that because Finley is terrified of the jail.  She loved Alcatraz in San Francisco but cried when she “went to jail” at Fort Calgary so we thought it was just best to skip it.

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