Saturday, 30 June 2012


About a month ago, we purchased a trampoline.  I found it for half price on one of my beloved Facebook buy n sell sites. 
Finley reading the instructions while Daddy starts the building process
Watching very impatiently (striped dress 2nd hand)
Slowly but surely it came along.  I had to help which I don’t like to do….
Finley bouncing even though still not ready (pajama bottoms second hand)
This girl is in bouncing heaven
For some reason my photos are not in order and I don’t want to reload them so bare with me :)….Greg reading the instructions
Figuring out how they all fit together
Can I bounce yet daddy?
Finley’s job was to hand us the springs 
Almost ready
Penelope LOVES it. 
And so does Finley!

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