Sunday, 12 October 2014

Trees of Gold

Two weekends ago, we headed to Chester Lake in Kananaskis Country to hike out to the larches.  This is our second year going out to see them.  Last year we went to Maligne Lake to view them but it is CRAZY busy there and while the larches are unbelievable, we just don’t like big crowds hiking.  Especially when those other hikers are not really hikers. 
We stopped in at Cinnamon Spoon in Bragg Creek for breakfast. It is one of our favourite places to stop in for a quick bite to eat.  They never disappoint.
There was a moose on the loose!!  We love to see moose and it is not something you get to see  a lot of.  It was awesome seeing it prance around the parking lot before heading up a mountain.  The girls really enjoyed it too.
Finley is usually a great hiker.  She always has been.  Mostly out of resentment and hatred for the backpack carrier.  This day, she was mostly excited to wear her new toque and scarf from Ivivva.  
Penelope waiting to start the hike.  She is a hit and miss kind of hiker.  Some days she will astonish you with her hiking ability and other days  you just want to leave her behind.  There were some steep sections in the beginning which led to Greg carrying her on his shoulders which is never a good thing because then she never wants to walk.
Approaching the larches.  Larches are special trees that turn gold in the late fall and are only located at certain elevations and climates or something like that. Regardless, they are beautiful and with the snow on the mountain, man I thought it couldn’t get any better then this……
Until I walked a bit further and saw this.  Seriusly, this must be what heaven looks like.  Although I say that every single time I hike somewhere new and see an amazing view that takes my breath away.  It only goes to show how privileged we are to live in Calgary with so many astonishing mountain views only mere hours away.  It is the number one reason why I could never move anywhere else in the world.  This photo is seriously all kinds of perfection.
Larches along Chester Lake.  Seriously stunning.  You must put see the larches on your fall bucket list next year.  You can thank me afterwards.
Walking further into Chester Lake for lunch.  Last year when we reached the larches we also reached a freak snow storm.  This was so much better but I don’t think it was any warmer.  
Surprisingly enough, this is only my second time to see the larches. I didn’t even know they existed until about 2 years ago when Greg went on a backpacking trip with his brother and my cousin and he sent me a photo of one.  I decided after that photo that we would do it the following year and so for the last 2 Septembers we have.  While Chester Lake didn’t have the number of larches like Maligne Lake did last year, it was not nearly as busy and most people hiking it were people who loved the outdoors and  hiking in general which is always a good thing.  You probably think I sound like a snob but really it does suck.  
Thank you mother nature for leaving me in awe, full of gratitude and blessed to be able to enjoy the sceneries we do.

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