Saturday, 1 September 2012

Trip To The ER


Last night, both girls were out of their rooms in the hallway way past their bedtimes.  As I was coming up the stairs, they knew the would be in trouble if I found them out of their rooms so they ran in.  As I got into Penelope’s room, I saw her fall and smoke her head on her bed.  Tears were falling and she was screaming.  A lot.  On both things.
I saw blood and then i panicked.  I cleaned her up and she seemed  to be ok so back to bed she went.  Greg came home from his run and I told him what happened.  He went and looked in on her and suggested I take her to urgent care in the morning.  I checked on her again and saw that it was still bleeding.  I knew I’d never sleep if I knew that it was bleeding so I made the decision at 9:17pm to take her to South Calgary Urgent Care.
Right after it happened.  There wasn’t much blood at the time but it seemed to get progressively worse while she slept.
We got to Urgent Care around 930.  There was one person in front of us but the waiting room was full.  I was surprised to see so many people there since they closed at 10.  People would keep trickling in until the doors closed at 10pm.  We got called from the main waiting room around 10 and were taken into the back into another waiting room.  
Eventually we were put into a room so the doctor could glue her eye shut.  I knew going in that they wouldn’t give her stitches because she was too young and it was close to her eye.  One of my friends’ little one also recently had a similar injury.  
Waiting for the doctor to come in.  She was so tired!!
Falling asleep…
The Doctor and Nurse came in to glue her cut.  They said grab your earplugs because kids tend to scream bloody murder once the glue is put in and they pinch it to make sure the glue sticks and the wound is closed.  Penelope was so tired that she fell asleep once the nurse put her hands on her head to make sure she didn’t move.  She only woke up because we were done and it was time to go home.  The doctor was very impressed with her. 
We got home at 1030 and we were both fast asleep soon after.
What it looked like this morning.
A closer version of her injury.  Her face is all bruised around her eye and pretty swollen but she doesn’t seem to be affected by it.  We have to put polysporin on it a few times a day for 2 weeks and then we have to put a anti-scarring gel on it for 2 months.  If it gets infected then we go back in but hopefully that doesn’t happen!!

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