Friday, 26 July 2013

Trip to Saskatchewan

This past weekend we headed to Saskatchewan as we were celebrating the arrival of sweet little Maverick.  We left bright and early on Thursday morning.
Finley was very excited to be going to see everybody and was overly chipper for 545am!!
Penelope did not feel the same way!!
When I drive to SK by myself, I always leave really early so that the girls are still tired enough to sleep about half of the way.  It makes it easier on me if they do.  Unfortunately, this was not the case.  Finley slept for about an hour and Penelope about 30 mins.  They fought and screamed and cried nearly the entire time.  I considered leaving them in Kindersley when we stopped for gas.  No joke.  We leave for our 3 week vacation on August 12 and I am very worried that I am not going to survive even the first day!!
On what could be our beloved Traverse’s final voyage into SK, it hit a bird on the highway.  I saw the bird as it was sitting on the highway eating something and it went to take off but not soon enough and I had no choice but to hit it.  It was the very first time in my 18 years of driving that I have ever hit an animal of any kind.  
Traffic coming into Saskatoon was awful as always and some semi decided to turn from Idywyld onto Circle and block traffic in all directions!!!  So frustrating.  I turned off and headed to McDonalds just to get out of it.  How people deal with that I will never know.   The worst part of it and the reason it’s always backed up is that the lights don’t stay green long enough to get more traffic through.
During Flood 2013 and our camping trip on Canada Long Weekend, Finley has learned a lot about Calgary’s water and where it comes from and the rivers it sources.  She was excited that we were coming to a city that received their water from us.  In fact, as soon as lunch was over she asked if I would take her to the water so that we did.  We went for a nice walk along the weir.  This, it turned out, would be the only nice weather we would experience until we returned home.  It literally rained and was cold every single day!!!
Hanging out at Aunty Sandy’s house.  She is on vacation with my Uncle Lloyd but my sister was house sitting and watching their dog.  We got there a few minutes before my sister did so we hung out on the grass and did some relaxing.
Smelling my Aunty’s beautiful flowers.  Her pots looked amazing this year.
Finley thought the puppies needed more flowers so she moved one of the pots near them so they would be happier.  She cracks me up sometimes!
We were leaving to go out for supper and to go to Target when Penelope ran out the front door, missed the front step and went flying off the step.  She gauged her knee really bad.  She was crying pretty hard and once she saw all her blood she went bananas.  This photo was taken the following day.  It was pretty gross the day of that is for sure!!
Finley and Penelope decided that their princesses need to pet Thunder.  He was so not impressed with this.  Not sure if it is because he is getting really old or because he just does not care for Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty.
Playing with the new toys from Grandma Toot at supper time after we drove to PA from Saskatoon.
Welcome Inn slushes!!  A Prince Albert staple – if you live in PA or grew up there like I did, you understand the awesomeness of this.  Every single trip to PA results in a stop here for a coke slush.  
Ice cream with Grandma Toot.  It was so cold.  Penelope refused to put her jacket on though!
Watching Astro Boy with Grandma Toot.
Getting silly back at Aunty Sandy’s on SUnday night.  They were excited to head home to see Daddy the following day.
The first hour or so of my trip was fog like this.  Then the next 4 hours was rain.  The last hour and a half was full of heat and sunshine.  However, a few hours after returning back to Calgary, we got hit with more rain.  And it rained Tuesday too.  Hoping today (WEDS) doesn’t get any more rain.  I am kinda over it!!!

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