Saturday, 15 September 2012

Troll Falls

I had been wanting to go to Troll Falls for a very long time.  Kristen was visiting us so we decided to head out last weekend.  If you have never been, here is a link to Hike Alberta that gives you all of the directions and fun things like that!!!  I saw the photos from the winter/spring and I cannot wait to check it out then too.  
In the mean time, here are some photos:
the beautiful mountains on an early Sunday morning
Greg, Kristen and the girls heading out on the hike.  
Penelope started out walking.  She likes to put her hands in her pockets which decreases her speed but at least half!
The girls’ new BFF
First time in the big girl carrier.  We sadly sold the Ergo since Penelope was getting too big.  I highly recommend it if you are looking for a carrier for your new babe.  It was fantastic.  My only regret is that we didn’t have it with Finley.  We went through 5 carriers before settling on this one!!!  Money well spent!!  And the best part is that it has a high re-sale value too!!
Troll Falls!!!  It was pretty awesome!!!
The gang heading to the top part of it.  I stayed down since I really wasn’t supposed to be hiking anyways with my ankle injury.  Better to be safe than sorry because we all know how clumsy I am!
This hike was awesome and it was especially awesome if you have little kids like we do. They loved the waterfall and it was so short that Finley had no problem doing it without complaining.  Penelope isn’t quite the hiker that Finley was at that age but hopefully she will come around as she gets older or we are in some serious trouble!!

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