Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Two Wheelin'

At the beginning of July Finley went to bike camp at Pedalheads.  She went from training wheels and being full of fear to two wheels and full of confidence in one class.  ONE.  It was huge and just what Finley needed.  Greg was a little disappointed in himself that we paid to have someone teach Finley how to ride her bike.  So he decided that he would make it his mission to have Penelope on two wheels by the end of summer.  It took a week for her to learn. One week.  It helps that she wants to be just like her big sister and has absolutely no fear.  None.  Which I suppose is a good thing but I wish she wasn’t so fearless right now.
Greg took her over to the school parking lot since they had a big area of both cement and grass for her to ride on.
She was trying soooo hard to do it.  Every day after supper Greg would take her out and get her going.  She would be pedalling like crazy until she realized that Greg wasn’t holding on to her bike.  Then she would stop and say she couldn’t do it anymore.
We took lots of bike rides where she was on the trail a bike and could practice her balance and pedaling
And within a week this happened:
She is quite possibly the cutest little bike rider out there.  I really need to get a video to show you how fiercely she peddles. And if you are wondering, bikes while camping is the greatest thing ever.  EVER.  I am grateful for the strider bike as I believe it is probably the biggest reason that she did it before her 4th birthday and only in a week.  It is a pricy investment but worth every penny.
PS This is also a post that was drafted and left to die :)

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