Thursday, 5 November 2015


Penelope decided last October she wanted to be Unikitty for Halloween but we had already boughten her a witch costume and a cheetah costume so there was no way we were doing a third for her.  So this year towards at the beginning of September she reminded us that she was going to be Unikitty for Halloween. To be honest, I had no idea how this costume was going to turn out but I never ever imagined it to be as awesome as it was.  Now that Halloween is over though, I hope I can get the Everything is Awesome song out of my head hahaha.
We used a banker box that Greg had from when he switched jobs in August.  He wrapped it in white bristol board and then painted everything on it.
It was a long process finding the right shade for everything.
Greg working hard at getting all the details just right.
We were not sure how it was all going to comfortably fit on her head and her be able to see.  He cut a hole in the mouth and then used an old bike helmet, glue gun, + cardboard to get it to all balance out.
Running through a Halloween dress rehearsal so that we were sure she could see and that the helmet project worked with the Unikitty head.  It looked like it was a success
Unikitty in her finished costume.  She was supposed to have a blue sock on her foot but she lost it so we had to do purple.  We went to a Halloween Birthday party on Halloween day and she hardly wore the costume because she said her head hurt and it was hard to play with it on.  When we got home from the party, Greg went and weighed it to see how heavy it was.  It was 3 lbs which is a lot on a tiny body.  Bike helmets typically way about a pound or so I think.  So he removed a bunch of the foam inside of the helmet as well as extra cardboard inside the box itself and this too about a pound of weight off which seemed to make it better.
Kids everywhere loved her costume but most adults – especially the older ones had no idea what she even was.  She loved every bit of attention that she got that day!!

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