Thursday, 24 October 2013

USS Midway

While in San Diego, we decided to head to the USS Midway.  Since we had visited the USS Intrepid in New York and the USS Pampanito in San Francisco, Greg said this was a “must do”.  The girls did not much like it but it was kinda cool and much better then the Intrepid was.
Me and Penelope on the deck where the planes used to fly off.  This was the only portion that the girls liked
What another photo of me ;)
The world famous Military Kiss
Tribute to Bob Hope outside the restaurant we had lunch at, which is near the Midway as you can see it in the background.  From the windows of the reaturant you could see 2 active ships but i can’t remember what they were called.  One was the Ronald Reagan.  They are so massive!
Greg barely fit
Finley enjoyed it more as the tour went on and participated when her dad asked her although it took a lot of convincing for this.
In her own helicopter
this was the highlight of Greg’s day that they wanted to do this!!
Safety first!!

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