Saturday, 21 September 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Driving to and from California took us to Las Vegas.  I was excited as I have never been there before! 
This is the Excalibur where we stayed on our way home to Calgary.  When booking hotels a few months ago, Greg asked Finley if she wanted to stay in a castle and of course the princess loving 4 year old said yes.  I don’t recommend this hotel.  It’s old and lame and has a disgustingly gross vanilla smell to cover up the smell of smoke.  They also only have wifi in their lobby and casino and a plug in internet cord in the rooms.  Like seriously awful!
Next time I go to Vegas I want to stay at New York, New York.
This is where we stayed on our way to California.  You will notice Hakkasan in the background which is currently one of the hottest clubs in Vegas.  Being that it was a Sunday night no celebrities were spotted in our hotel.  This is one sweet hotel.
This contained more high end stores that I had only ever seen in NYC. It was insane.
We ate here.  I was SO EXCITED!!  A photo of meal is down further. It was spectacular.
My beef burger with a fried egg and duck breast bacon.  AMAZING.
Caesar’s Palace.  I wanted to go ask if Caesar was in ala The Hangover but I would imagine that they get all of the time since that movie was released.
The fountains at Bellagio.  The girls loved this.
The statue of liberty made out of candy.
The M+M Store is kinda ridiculous.  4 Floors of M+M stuff.  I don’t understand why you would ever want to wear candy apparel.  But it was quite busy.
This was in our hotel.  The girls got a kick out of this too!
MGM at night
When we were checking out, they were setting up advertising for an upcoming fight.  The girls loved the lion in the boxing ring.
After a great day shopping at the Las Vegas Outlets, we stopped at In N Out burger to eat before heading to Anaheim!

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