Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Waterton National Park

We were camping in Waterton  National Park for the weekend.  It marked the first time Greg and I have been there since I was about 6 months pregnant with Finley.  It’s kinda crazy how our life has changed.  I think I might do a now + then blog. 
After the Buffalo Jump we stopped at a recreational site to have lunch.  It was a disaster.  The mosquitos were so bad we gave up and ate in the car.  Finley has 3 bites on her forehead and now has a irrational fear of all bugs because of it.
This was the first thing we saw as we entered the Park.  It seriously does not get much better than this!
Pip hanging out while everything is set up.
Finley doing what she loves – helping Daddy set up the tent.  I also love this because it means I never have to help!!  We camped in Crendall Mountain Campground which is about 10 minutes from the actual town of Waterton.
Finley got a ring toss for Easter from Grandma Toot + Aunty Kristy so we set it up and played with it all weekend.  We both basically suck at it but it will continue to  be at every campsite with hopes that we improve by summers end.  I shall keep you posted.
Come on guys!  I am ready to get going!
Above and below are photos of the deer in our campsite.  They were everywhere and they were so calm.  The people didn’t even phase them.  I really enjoyed having them around as did Finley!  Penelope couldn’t care less yet.
Finley helping daddy unload the firewood.  This girl does everything!
We saw tonnes of animals everywhere.  it’s a real treat to see when you camp in Banff a lot.
We hiked red rock canyon which is a nice little hike.  we did this hike when we were here last time. It has been improved since because it is part of the Gov of Canada’s Action Plan so it was given a bunch of money to do improvements.  I noticed that a lot of areas in Waterton are part of this plan.  It is a beautiful hike regardless.  The rock really is amazing.  And all the rock in this area are all foreign to the area because it was all swept down or up (can’t remember) the stream during spring runoff. 
Another cool shot of the canyon.
Me with the girls.  I was a bit chilly.  Love how full of colour and shapes Finley is!
cameron falls.  It was beautiful and no pictures i took could give it justice.
Snow we had to walk through to continue on the trail to Bertha Falls.  When we first went up it was hard and easy to walk over but on the way back down it had warmed up and I ended up sliding down it – while carrying Penelope but we were both a-ok.
At the end of this lake you can get to the USA.  You can get there by hiking along the path we were headed but you turned off to go to Goat Haunt.  You can get there by a boat as well.  They have a border crossing in the woods and you need a valid passport to cross. 
A cool shot of the town of Waterton.  One of my favorite photos I think.
Bertha Falls!  We made  it to the top!  We enjoyed our picnic lunch in front of the falls. The weather was beautiful and our fruit and sandwiches hit the spot.  Much better then the picnic we tried to have the day before!
Greg and Finley checking out the water over the bridge.  Finley walked all 3k up to the falls and part of the way down before Greg forced her into his backpack much to her dismay.
Penelope and I hanging out while waiting for Greg + Finley to catch up to us.
Finley was out cold once they did.  She was done but insisted on walking. Greg forced her into the backpack while she was screaming.  I am sure the entire National Park heard her.  But it worked because she was out cold.
After a long day of hiking, we stopped at the playground where Finley played and had lots of fun.
We headed out to Cameron Lake to check it out.  There was still snow.  Everywhere!
I wasn’t kidding.  There is tonnes of snow.  In fact, the Saturday was the first warm day they had and it was maybe 13 or so and the residents were in shorts + tanktops.
Last time we were here, Greg + I kayaked right to the edge of the lake which is also the USA.  It was August long weekend and WAY nicer out.
It was definitely much nicer in the town of Waterton.  We went for a nice walk along the river, bought a magnet (we collect one from every new place we go), Finley got a rock from a lady in the store and then we headed back to the campsite for supper. 
It was a pretty good trip and we did lots of fun things.  The next day we packed up the campsite and headed to Frank’s Slide.

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