Thursday, 11 July 2013

Weaselhead Park

On Sunday we decided to head over to Weaselhead Park since it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.
    We didn’t have sunhats in the car so cowboy hats would have to do
    Surveying the damage from Flood 2013
    I love how it was initially built FAR OUTSIDE city limits….hahaha
    Not wearing very practical shoes but she wouldn’t listen to me 
    Lots of mud on the path 
    Remnants of the flood
    Seriously…I don’t think I have ever seen a horse over here but I guess it is possible
    The water came up over the banks and flooded the entire low lying area.  
    The banks eroded from all the water
    Crossing the bridge over the weaselhead area
    Because it was so muddy we couldn’t go much past the second bridge.  You needed rubber boots and that we did not have.  And there was no way Finley and I were walking through the mud without them.
    We stopped at Marble Slab in Glenmore Landing for a treat.
    Penelope had Mango with gummy bears.  It was everywhere
    Finley had strawberry with gummy bears.  Both kids always choose their ice cream based on their favorite colours not flavors.
    Penelope was a hot mess after this or I guess maybe a cold mess?  hahaha
    It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon that’s for sure!

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