Sunday, 2 January 2011

West Edmonton Mall

A few weeks ago, Greg came up with the idea of coming back to Calgary on the 28th via Edmonton so we could go to the waterpark.  I was against it knowing how exhausted I would be after 5 Christmas’ in SK.  However, I was quickly outvoted by Greg, Brad, Kristy + Finley so I was forced to go.  Fortunately, Greg found some groupons for the park that got us in for cheap because there was NO way I was paying full price for that!
We woke up at 530am Calgary time and were on the road by 8am.  Thankfully it isn’t a long drive to Edmonton from Saskatoon so we were there in no time at all despite a few stops along the way.  After finding what was quite possibly the last parking spot at WEM, we went + had lunch and then headed to the park.
Kristy had Penelope and Brad + Greg had Finley.  She enjoyed this pool but didn’t much like the waves hitting her.  I wasn’t too surprised seeing as how she hates the waves at the Trico Center as well
Some of the waterslides
Finley + Daddy having fun in the water
Penelope enjoyed herself initially but this soon would change. 
Greg, Brad, Finley walking up to the waterslide
The blue dinosaur dumps water every once in a while and it happened to drop as Kristy + Penelope was walking under it.
Needless to say Penelope was NOT impressed.  Although she was still do way better then Finley did her first time in a pool. 
Greg + Finley waiting at the top to go down the waterslide
Aunty Kristy + Penelope hanging out under the fire hydrants
The water slide that Finley was going down
Done her first time down the big slide (big for her )
She was happy but cold!
Finley coming off the slide with Uncle Brad
 Penelope finally getting happy again with the water!
Kristy, Penelope + I stayed in the water for about 90 minutes then we got out to go do some shopping.  I lucked out and found some great deals on things I needed and of course, things I wanted!  Finley, Brad + Greg ended staying in for just over 3 hours.  Finley was done so we rented a cart thingy and she slept in there while we all shopped.  We left Edmonton around 9 and arrived home at around 1am.  It was alot of fun despite how exhausted we all were.  Thankfully we all got to sleep in until after 9am the next day.

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